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15 Maicon Emeka Facts You Will Never Believe

One time i had a long chat with a friend of mine that is training to become an actor, on what he spends on his looks and the amount of time he spend in the gym daily building his body to look good for the camera lenses.


From the chat, i learnt looks are very important to an actor that is aiming to become fans favorite amongs many other things. Why my friend goes the extra mile to look good and keep fit for the camera.



The modern Nollywood is flooded with a lot of handsome actors that are doing well potraying the various roles they are casted for, to the extent that movie producers and film makers have a lot of talents to pick from, when considering casts for a male character.


Nollywood’s handsome A-list actor Maicon Emeka is one of such actors doing great at potraying every role he is contracted to play in a movie.


His expertise of interpreting roles perfectly has made him an household name and won him a fanbase that call him Mr Pink Lips, for is signature pink lips. had an exclusive time with his manager Samchucks Emeka and he led us in on some
facts about the handsome Nollywood actor Maicon Emeka that would interest you. Here are the things we found out about him:


1 ) Mr Pink Lips that has become Maicon Emeka’s signature name, was given to him by his fans. He is very proud to use it as his signature name as it reminds him that his fans appreciate his beautiful lips.


2 ) No lady in Nollywood has complained about kissing his pink lips whenever he is casted alongside any of them for a role that involves his kissing them. Making him one of the ladies favorite for amovie role that involves kissing, in Nollywood.


3 ) He is not related to Ken Erics in any way like a popular blog post, One time indicated. Rather, Ken Ericks is one of his colleagues in the industry he respects greatly.



4 ) His pink lips is natural, not as a result of applying pink lips balm like many believe. He was born with natural pink lip as revealed by the actor manager because they have come a long way.


5 ) Maican Emeka can stand anyone onscreen. He has not had any reason to be scared or intimidated by the status of any of his fellow actors on set, no matter their their status in the industry. His major focus whenever he is on set is interpreting the role he is given perfectly, not considering the status of whomever he is co-starring with.


6 ) He has majority of his fans in Africa and Europe.


7 ) He is not married to an American woman, like the rumours that has been making waves, via various medias, indicated. He also does not have a son in the UK.


8 ) Someone once broke into his room and stole his school fees, while he was in a movie shoot location begging for role, which he was later denied.


9 ) If he wasn’t a successful actor, he would have pursued a career in music as he has 3 recorded singles he might decide to release someday.


10 ) As an actor, his most embareasing moment till date was when he was de-casted for a role he got at an Uche Nancy Production movie, in 2017.


He has gotten over it as his being de-casted motivated him to work more on himself as an actor that today, he is one of the most contracted male actors by Uche Nancy Productions.


11 ) His biggest motivation in life as revealed to his management by the actor is waking up to a new day everyday as each new day to him, is another opportunity to contribute positively to life.


12 ) The actor is a devoted Christian as his biggest advice to anyone and everyone of his fans out there is to always put GOD first in everything they do.


13 ) You all the fans of Maicon Emeka are his motivation to keep delivering and giving his best whenever he is contracted to play a role in any movie. The appreciation he gets from you guys are his drive. So whenever you see him anytime, feel free to walk up to him and say hi, if you can, get a photo with him, he appreciates you all that much.


15 Maicon Emeka Facts You Will Never Believe…

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