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Crowd 1 Is  A Scam Pararan Mock News Anchor

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Crowd 1 Is  A Scam Pararan Mock News Anchor

The anchor of a popular mock news page on social media popularly known as Pararan Mock News has come out vias his official DP ( display photo ) on all his social media pages from facebook, to Instagram, and youtube to inform people that a money doubling investment scheme with the name Crowd 1 which he introduced to people via his social media pages is a scam. Another ponzi scheme aimed at defrauding Nigerians of their hard earned money like MMM.


The video which is still on a page created with the same name as his own ‘Pararan Mock News’ as displayed below, introduced people to the scheme on February 4th which is over a month now. Why it took him that long to come out and disassociate himself with a video that sensitive is still a question left for him to answer as many people would have fallen for this fraudulent  scheme.


Use this link to see the video:


He hasn’t put out a video yet informing people about it. Which a lot of people that had already fallen victim to the scheme are calling for.


This is a notice to all Nigerian to please make enquiries or research into whatever investment scheme is introduced to you and be sure its genuine before putting your money into it.


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