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Episode 1 The Wrong  Click
I just got stabbed with the bloody knife of heart break. In a bid to stop my heart from bleeding, I chose to go back to my old life of flirting with any girl that gives me the green light. I didnt believe in love until I met Jenny.


She was everything different from the other girls I flirt with. She was strong, unemotional, and unattached like the other girls. She told me plain she knew I was a flirt the first day we met and that she knew I won’t be serious with her, but she is cool with it. That instance,


I started feeling something I have never felt for any lady. Say I was inlove you are right. Things were going well with us, I have even taken her to see my friends and family members, something to show her she was the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with.


One morning, I got the shock of my life. I bought a ring and invited her to sleep over at my place. Early in the morning, I knelt down, woke her up and presented the ring to her:


“Marry me Jenny. I would be the happiest man in the world. You are all I have been asking God for, in a woman.”


“I cant wear two rings.” She replied in stone tone, as she got up from the bed to the shower. Leaving me on my kneels. I tried to fathom why she had been leading me on when she knew she was married but nothing seem to put the pieces of the puzzles in my head together so I confronted her as she came out of the bathroom.


“Jenny, why did you lead me on, knowing fully well that you were married?”


“I told you from the beginning that this would happen but you did not get the message. I meant I just wanted the good times with you, when I told you I knew you were a player and am cool with it. My following you to see your friends and family was to please you to get more time with you. Can’t leave my husband for a blogger.”


She headed for her bag and brought out a diamond ring. Jenny preferred to show you things than say it. The diamond ring made the statement.


“Are we still cool?” She asked grabbing my balls. I hit her hands off. How can someone be this emotionless? I just discovered she was married and she is cold about it. Where has this part of her been all this while? I asked myself as I watched her dress up and pick get her bag.


“I guess that is it?” She asked smiling. My silence gave her a reply. She tried kissing me but I stopped her. On her way out, she turned and blew me kisses. “I don’t think I am the first person she cheated on her husband with. She must have been doing it for long. Her being unemotional tells it all. Her husband must be one of those rich old men that craves young blood.” I said to myself as I tried to pick the pieces of my broken heart together.




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