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Era Ameno Dorime Unbelievable Facts

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Era Ameno Dorime Ubelievable Facts…

Good music they say is ageless. The song ‘Ameno’ popularly known as ‘Dorine Ameno’, by French group Era, is a perfect example for use when backing up this quote. Prior to the knowledge of many, this song that has become one of the most used songs for social media video contents and musical gigs, was released in June 1996 as a single from the groups self titled album ‘ERA.’



The album remains one of the most exported albums of French origin selling over 6 million copies on its release. It has 2 sequels ( ERA 2, released in the year 2000, and ERA: The Mass, released in 2003 )



On its release, it immediately  became a chart topper on the music charts of various countries around the world including America, Switzerland, Poland, Latin, Belgium, and its country of origin France. The song falls under a genre of music in France called the NEW-AGE, made to give listeners inspiration, build their optimism, and help them relax.



The song was written by Eric Levy and Guy Protheroe for the group, and produced by Eric Levy. The song is not Latin like many believe but rather written as Pseudo-latin ( to sound Latin ) by the song writers, and it worked perfectly sounding like Latin, producing the melody we all enjoy till date.



Its beautiful rendition is a combination of Guy Protheroe’s voice, and that of Harriet Jay, alongside the English Chamber Choir, accompanied with Eric Levi’s keyboard, Philippe Manca’s Bass/Lead guitar, and drums. The song has been certified GOLD in Belgium and Spain, PLATINUM in Poland, and 3 times PLATINUM in Switzerland.



On records, it is one of the most reproduced songs with different versions from different countries around the world. It has been reproduced by Dj Quicksilver, Berat Kezik, kings, Beluxmove, Vieze asbak, Music Lab Collective, UK House Music, Gorkem Ozkulogu, El Corizo, Saski Vibe, Adam Franco, Kayset, Samklef, Nektunez, Beatsbycien, Dj Xclusive, Vincent Niclo, blaze, Samuka Perfect, Sidomaniac, Daddy Boom, Blvdsplat, HarryDJ, Feri, Sub-Imago, Sepult, Ferdi Violin Bairami, Mohammed Elachiri, Party Tyme Karaoke, Ladynsax, Dj Challenge X, Mefafrica, Doctor Keos, Megaraptor, Goya Menor, and many others.



Goya Menor’s version is one of the most popular in this part of the world. He is a Nigerian singer, rapper, hype man, and MC who hails from Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. His real name is Bright Menor. He released his version of the song titled ‘Ameno Amapiano Remix’ alongside Ghanian music producer Nektunez, on the 16th of June 2021. His version of the song has gotten over 10 million views on Youtube.





The song which stresses the dangers of living a reckless life, became an instant success in Nigeria gaining massive airplays across radio stations in Nigeria, clubs and music gigs by DJ’s. Its wild popularity made it a street anthem as it became one of the most used songs by social media video content creators mostly on TikTok with over half a million use.



Gradually, the song spread to the rest of Africa and the world. Its popularity on social media peaked it at number one position on the Billboard Digital Songs Sales 2021. These lines from the song, “You want to BamBam,You want to chill with the big boys, now you dey run kitikiti, you dey run ketekete nor fit drink water drop cup,” is one of the most popular lines from a song used for social media memes in Nigeria and across Africa.



Goya Manor’s Ameno Amapiano remix video was released on the artistes official Youtube page on the 18th of February 2022. It immediately became a Youtube sensation getting over 1.8 million views in 10 days.



In 2012, Nigeria’s A list rapper and YBNL record label boss Olamide Adedeji popularly known as Olamide sampled the song AMENO on his hit song titled VOICE OF THE STREET, from his sophomore album YBNL, released on November 1st 2012. The song which happens to be one of Nigeria’s best rap songs of all time, was produced by Tyrone who infused Olamide’s hot rap bars into the beautiful melodies of the ERA’s AMENO.





Its is popular in night clubs, bars and recreational centers across Nigeria and some parts of Africa for its usage as the theme songs with which exotic drinks are ushered to the tables of individuals that order them.



It is usually accompanied with  switching off the floodlights at the venue and an mc/hypeman hyping the individual or individuals that ordered the drink or drinks as it is being ushered to their table with artistic lighting and costumes of which includes masked ladies and gentlemen carrying a disco display casket and light showcasing the name of the individual or individuals that ordered the drink. This has become a popular culture in the nightlife of Nigeria and some parts of Africa.



The song ‘Ameno’ by Era has two music video versions on Youtube, in combination both have over 110 million views.






The story behind the videos depicts how the song cuts across different generations and connects them. Something the song has flawlessly done over the years, and will continue to do. Truly, good music is ageless.


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