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Finesse Meaning

Finesse Meaning

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the following are the meanings of the word finesse:


  1. Refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture.
  2. Skillful handling of a situation : adroit maneuvering.
  3. The withholding of one’s highest card or trump in the hope that a lower card will take the trick because the only opposing higher card is in the hand of an opponent who has already played, in the game of poker.


According to Cambridge dictionary, the word finesse means the following:

  1. To deal with a situation or a person in a skilful and often slightly dishonest way.
  2. To improve something so it is the best it can possibly be.
  3. Great skill or style. defines finesse as follows:

  1. Extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste, etc.
  2. Skill in handling a difficult or highly sensitive situation; adroit and artful management.


Collins  dictionary define finesse as follows:

  1. Elegant skill or style in performance.
  2. Subtlety and tact in handling difficult situation.
  3. An attempt to win a trick when oponents hold a high card in the suit led by playing a lower card, in the game of poker.


Urban defines finesse as follows:

  1. Getting something taken from you in a slick way.
  2. Getting your way in life, sometimes through cheating. Hustling.
  3. To cleverly and slyly get oneself out of a situation.
  4. To talk someone out of their things not stealing.
  5. Using the strength of street knowledge to pass anything you didn’t study for or weren’t prepared for.


Macmillian Dictionary defines finesse as follows:

  1. To get something by dealing with people and situations in a skilful way.
  2. To steal without force, using trickery and lying.


Longman Dictionary defines finesse as follows:

  1. To do something with a lot of skill and style.
  2. To handle a situation well, but in a way that is slightly deceitful.


Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary Defines finesse as follows:

  1. Great skill in dealing with people or situations, especially in a light and careful way.
  2. Great skill and style in doing something.


Britanica Dictionary definition of the word is as follows:

  1. Skill and cleverness that is shown in the way someone deals with a situation, problem, etc.
  2. To  handle, deal with, or do (something) in an indirect and skillful or clever way.



It was first used in the 15th century to mean the first definition. In

Middle English, it can be said to be “fineness,” borrowed from Middle French, “fineness, subtlety, ruse, trick,” from fin FINE entry 1 + -esse, suffix forming abstract nouns from adjectives, going back to Latin -itia (with phonetic development as if from -icia) — more at -ICE ( Merriam Webster Dicrionary 2022 ).



Accumen, Savvy, Competence, Skill, Sophistication, Subtlety, Quickness, Guole.



Ignorance, Frankness, Inability, Honesty, Incapability, Openness, Ineptness, Stupidity.


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