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Ruger I’m Only Human Gets Twitter Users Criticizing Him Heavily

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DPrince Jonzing World Entertainment super talented music act Ruger has come under strong criticisms by some twitter users who call him a hyppocrite for turning down a free session request by a music producer, and coming to twitter to announce it.



The Jonzing World music act took to his official twitter handle @rugerofficial and tweeted the following:



“I remember back in 2019, I reached out to a producer, I told him I don’t have money but he should pls just hear me out Loudly crying face. baba no gree oo Face with tears of joy. Now Hin Dey my DM Dey yarn dust. Pls my people how should I reply him Pleading face Pls help me Down pointing backhand index.”



“Upcoming artists go through the worst in this industry. Nobody believes until someone believes
na man you be abeg.”


Here are some of the replies he got to his tweets:



“@freshyvibez – This isn’t something you should flex about, same way you wouldn’t go for a free show if you’re being called now. And moreover all the free beats you used before you blew up, have you reached out to the producers to work with them now ???
Let’s do better as humans.”



“@DanielRegha – Ruger no producer is obligated to give u his time for free, if someone turned u down in the past & now reaching out to u, lend the person a listening ear (reply the DM) cos life is unpredictable. Besides I don’t see u collabing with aspiring artistes either, don’t be a hypocrite.”



“@TayeOlusola – Self-entitlement is one of the biggest enemies of a recording artist. You aren’t entitled to free music production. Pay your music producers their money and royalties. No one came to this world to be your slave. Go and learn music production if you can’t afford the services.”



Ruger being the super talented artiste that he is, dropped a snippet of a song he wrote titled ‘I’M ONLY HUMAN’, from the inspiration he got from the situation. As a reply to all their responses to his tweet. Here are the lines from the snippet:



“I remember when you didn’t give a shiit about me
Never thought i would make it up in that speed
Now am the Ruuuuu
I dey screw ya thats me
Got shordys Confused
Running up in Stampede
Don’t be confused
Am not mean
Cuz you never do any difference
Impair me
That nigaar shiit me
Cuz i wanted to do a freestyle
On one beat
Now he up in my DM
Wants a session for free.

And if you don’t understand me
You ‘ve never been in the position i was standing
Not Withstanding
As una nor let me talk
Una nor wait for landing Ah Ah.

Only Jah fit stop nonsense
Only Jah fit clear all my conscience
You Nor know say
We go still meet for this conference
Shoutout to Prince Dior Jophet
That man is God sent.

Cuz am only human
Normally i suppose dey vex for you man
But Omo Iyami i still dey with you man
Everyone is running from the truth man.

Am only human
Thank God say i nor be you man
I nor dey use soap
I nor dO Juju man
But only thing wey dey high me
Na woman…



Ruger I’m Only Human Gets Twitter Users Criticizing Him Heavily…

Beautiful response in melody. If you were in Rugers shoes what would you have done? How would you have responded to the producer that refused you an opportunity back when you were upcoming, coming to your dm to ask for a free session?


Feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.


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