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The Devil In Person




If the devil can speak for himself in person, he will deny many people. Most especially those blaming their wrong actions on him.


Have you ever come across anyone saying “The devil is the one to blame for their wrong act ?” Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t.


If I have my way, I will put it to law that a lawyer should be put in place , in every courtroom , to defend the devil as the third person in every bad act committed. Reason is because its becoming a cliche .


Recently, a man was caught trying to force his way into an eleven year old girl. This man before everyone, while being beaten by an angry mob around him, that got my attention, kept on repeating: “Its the work of the devil. Na devil cause am. Abeg spare my life.” Little wonder the mob kept beating him while he pleaded for his life. One would have expected him to say he was sorry for his evil act. Not for the intervention of the Nigerian Police Force, he would have become another roasted human being , that you find on the Jungle Justice column of your daily newspapers.


Though I got angry that he was blaming the cause of his wrong act on the devil, I thanked God that the Nigerian Police intervened. Am of the opinion that nobody has the right to take any human life no matter the crime they commit. We should always allow the law take its place.


Back to the man. Does he have any right to blame the devil for his evil act ?
Is it really true that the devil can push people to do things they are not suppose to do ?
Are there some certain people he choose to push, or he pushes everyone ?
Why do we still have good people if he pushes everyone ?
What is the way out of this cliche ?


For me oh, I think we are responsible for every act we commit. What the devil does is make suggestions to you which you have the free will to turn down, like a bad advise. He cannot force you to succumb to his suggestions. For my christian folks, you are familiar with this scripture ; “Resist the devil , he will flee from you.” ( James 4:7 KJV )


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