You are currently viewing The  Wrong  Click  Episode 2

The  Wrong  Click  Episode 2

The  Wrong  Click  Episode 2

Its been a year since I replied strangers on my social media inbox. I stopped soon as I got serious with Jenny. I get messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from total strangers.


Some asking for financial assistance, some telling me how my motivational and relationship articles help them, others asking my whatsapp number for a private chat.


These are the groups i pay attention to the most. I check their profile to see if they are beautiful and classy. Thats how I like my girls. The ones that don’t meet my spec, gets ignored. I have had several girls like that but I let them know that we cant be serious.


We will just have a good time and move on like nothing happened. A lot of them fall inlove with me in the process, if it gets to that, I stop replying their messages. If they persist, I block them on all the platforms. I never took any of them to my home or introduced them to my friends.


We just hangout at hotels and have a good time. I meet more real people on Facebook and Twitter than on Instagram so I decided to check my Facebook inbox first.


There has been this beautiful face by the name Ibukun Cellina Akinola that had been bugging my inbox with messages. I see the notifications but I ignore them. Who better to start flirting with but her? I asked myself as I clicked her Face icon on my Facebook messenger app. Luckily for me, she was online.



“Hello.Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello…” I could not count the ‘Hellos’ so I replied.


“Hi Angel.”


“You replied my message today.”


“Yeah. Its not good to keep angels on a hold or they will carry the blessings they have for you to someone else.”


“You are very funny. I like funny guys.”


“Thank you angel. I like angels that don’t take the blessing they have for me to someone else.”


“Do you call every girl you meet angel?”


“Only when they are more beautiful than the previous girl I called beautiful.”


“I will take that as flattery.”


“I don’t do flattery. If beautiful is not good enough for your looks, forgive me. You are gorgeous.” She sent a blushing emoji.



“How many girlfriends do you have? with this your sweet tongue and your fine face, I bet you have lost count.”


“I could add you to the list if you are interested. I promise to rember your number.”


“You are very funny. I like you. Chat me up on whatsapp. I have many things I want to show you I cant show you here.” She sent her whatsapp number. “This one don fall well. Princewill you are the man.”


I praised my chatting skills, saved her number as ‘New Catch’ then switched to whatsapp. Her display picture was the first thing I checked to see if she would be more beautiful than she looks on Facebook. It was thesame picture on Facebook. One with her on bikini bra with a tag ‘contestant 008.’




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