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Wizkid Davido Puma Endorsement Fued Rumours All You Should Know

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Davido recently signed an endorsement deal with Puma to promote their new Puma Sportsstyle Collections ( sneakers and Joggers collection ) and it has opened another fued with Wizkid his biggest competition, according to words on the streets.


Its important to note that Wizkid was the face of Puma Suede Classic Collections in 2020 as revealed by the artiste.



Here is the fued, there is actually no fued between both artiste as none of them has said nothing negative to each other about who represents the brand better on their various social media platforms or any other media outlet.



The fued as always, originates from the fans of both artistes. There has been this competition between them from the inception of their careers as caused by negative comparisons that their fans picked from the medias that started it.



Rather than enjoying the great music served by both artiste doing us proud in Africa with the various records they are making and smashing year in and year out, Its now about who is better between Wizkid and Davido, who first achieved what, or whose music is better.



Carrying on this mentality has given us the biggest fan beef in the music history of Africa. The beef between Wizkid FC and Camp DMW or 30 BG.



No surprises there is this Puma endorsement fued which has become a trend. The news is, Wizkid has unfollowed Puma because they left him for Davido as the face of their new Sportsstyle collection.



Some even went to the extent of saying Wizkid advertised the Puma Suede collection onbhis social media page to get the brands attention for an endorsement partnership but the brand did not notice him. Wizkid is too big a brand to do that.



I can’t confirm if he has truly unfollowed them or not. My take is, Wizkid has the right to unfollow them if his business with them is done and it shouldn’t cause no fuss. Yess, it shouldn’t cause no fuss.



I see no big deal in Wizkid unfollowing Puma and i don’t think he did it because he is not happy for Davido. No one should think that way. His business with thembis done for the now, why still follow them?



Picking on Wizkid because he unfollowed Puma is like picking on a player because he left your favorite football club for another. His business with them is done and he unfollowed them, which he has the right to di, Davido should not come into the picture.



Another argument is that, the brand confirmed Davido as their 1st African global ambassador by posting his endorsement with them on their official social media page, which they did not do with Wizkid.



I checked their page on Instagram @pumasportstyle the photo of Davido and his DMW crew rocking the new Puma Sportstyle collection which he was endorsed for, was reposted from Davido’s Instagram page, by the brand but they did not indicate his being their 1st African Global Ambassador as the rumours has it.


Its high time we start enjoying the music of both artiste and be happy supporting them as their fans without putting them against eachother.


Funny thing is a lot of these fans that say negative things about them online putting Wiz and Davido against eachother enjoy their music lowkey when they are alone and come out in public as an anti Davido or Wizkid fanbase.



Why fight when we can just enjoy their music and be happy for their achievements? We can’t tell the brands what to do or who they go for as their ambassador. We should be happy they are making us proud.



A win for Wizkid, Davido, and every other African artiste making us proud bagging endorsements with international brands, is a win for us all fans of their music.



Why fight over it or put these artistes against each other causing enmity between then, when we can celebrate their every win and be happy for their success?



Its hightime we stop this Wizkid FC 30BG fuss and enjoy their music without the fan wars. A win for them both, is a win for African music.



Got anything to say about this? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.


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